Practice Areas

  • Corporate Transactions

    Wolff Law assists with the formation of Florida, New York, Nevada and Delaware companies. We not only draft bespoke formation documents, but we advise each client differently depending upon their short-term, mid-term and long-term business goals.

    Our law firm can act as registered agent in Florida to monitor filings and potential lawsuits. We perform this service at no charge to our clients because we believe it is more important to be informed than to pay an annual fee.

    Wolff Law is also experienced in reviewing and drafting letters of intent and binding contracts among businesses and individual. Wolff Law will ensure the intent of all parties is fulfilled by drafting agreements which are customized for each, specific purpose. Rather that deconstructing contracts in a courtroom, it is invaluable to draft solid agreements which will withstand the test of time. Wolff Law can assist you with this goal.

    Wolff Law can help you with the various business issues presented, including:

    • Determining the proper business entity for your business
    • Formation of the proper business entity
    • Drafting shareholder agreements and limited liability company operating agreements
    • Resolving deadlocks and potential dissolutions
    • Protecting intellectual property
    • Successful Mergers and acquisitions
    • Planning for business succession

    From formation to exit strategies, Wolff Law provides experienced counsel for all such business needs.

  • Litigation & Dispute

    Wolff Law has twenty years of litigation and appeals experience. The attorneys at Wolff Law have successfully handled both civil and business litigation at every level of the Florida and New York court systems, including appeals.

    Wolff Law has spent almost 50,000 hours over the past twenty years dedicated to delivering successful results in business and civil litigation. We are attentive, aggressive and detail-oriented when handling litigation matters and disputes. The sole focus is to ensure the client obtains their desired result whenever possible.

    Wolff Law can help you with the various issues presented by business disputes, including:

    • Negotiating favorable resolutions of corporate deadlocks
    • Preparing arbitration demands for relief
    • Drafting complaints and claims for injunctive relief
    • Attending pre-suit and post-suit mediation
    • Preparing for and leading trials of complex business and individual disputes
    • Drafting and arguing complex appellate issues
    • Collecting money due from a judgment debtor
  • Employment Matters

    Wolff Law handles a wide variety of employment related matters with care and integrity. Wolff Law understands the needs to employers and employees alike. Wolff Law tries to strike a fair balance of interests, while keeping in mind the ultimate goal of its clients.

    There are also times of employment crisis. A crisis can develop when an unexpected employment issue arises, such as negligence in the workplace or claims of workplace harassment. Wolff Law will carefully guide you through such situations with knowledge, experience and a calm resolve.

    Wolff Law can assist you with employment related issues, including:

    • Injunctions to enforce non-compete agreements
    • Drafting employment agreements
    • Negotiating non-solicit and confidentiality agreements
    • Understanding and construing non-compete agreements
    • Assisting with equity participation agreements
    • Resolving and defending wage and hour claims

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